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Fabulous Philliphaugh

On a lovely Sunday morning runners from all parts came together at Selkirk Rugby ground for the running of the Philliphaugh Hill Race. In a field that had runners from numerous clubs the most prominent were the green tops of QRC. Despite it’s relatively short distance the Philliphaugh is a deceptively tough but extraordinarily rewarding … Continue reading Fabulous Philliphaugh

Hartfell Horseshoeing

On a muggy, cloud covered Sunday Morning D’Artagnan and his three musketeers aka Alan Creighton, Linda Cameron, Wendy Gass and Lynsey Hanlon took on the challenge of SHR Hartfell Horseshoe hosted by HHRC. Getting to the summit of Hartfell put the fantastic four under a bit of pressure with some asthmatic struggles putting worry to … Continue reading Hartfell Horseshoeing

35th Moffat Gala Run

On a warm muggy Tuesday evening oor wee group of runners took on the 35th Moffat Gala run, a race of three parts the 3.7 mile uphill undulating part, the brutal 1 mile across fields part and the 4.5 miles downhill jelly leg creating part. A fantastic showing by all our runners with James coming … Continue reading 35th Moffat Gala Run

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This is the website for Queensberry Running Club, a small club based between Lockerbie & Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. Born out of lockdown due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic a small group of people used to going to gym & fitness classes came up with the idea of meeting up in legally permitted groups for runs in July 2020 whilst the local fitness facilities & gyms were still closed.

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