xBorder 10k, Sunday 6th February 2022

QRC Runners getting ready to brave the elements in xBorder 10K 2022

Ran under less than ideal conditions a brave bunch of runners from QRC took on the xBorder 10k 2022 running this year from Gretna to Carlisle, with some challenging conditions with a full spectrum of fine winter weather (cold, wind, rain, sleety snow and the sun even made a token appearance).

With a field of approximately 600 runners, the QRC crew had a challenge in finding space on the roads to Carlisle to settle into their own rhythms and run their own race, the weather proved its own challenges with the wind swirling about bringing in squalls of sleety/snow and a perpetual cold that sapped energy and seeped into the bones.

All being said and done a very good showing from all the QRC runners with Marie Marshall (the bionic woman) impervious to the weather achieving the accolade of first female finisher in an absolutely stonking time of 38m 27s.

xBorder 10K 2022 QRC results

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