Bridge over the Capel Burn

In the Spring 2022 a crack construction unit headed out on a march to Burleywhag Bothy set in the shadow of Earcraig Hill, their mission to replace the Bridge over Capel Burn. 

Armed with nothing more than some hammers and their wits & a helpful dose of good humour, deconstruction began.

With the old bridge putting up a fierce resistance (not least the chicken wire helpfully put under the board walk), it eventually began to yield and the battle was starting to be won

Slowly under the expert consultancy and guidance of Stuart Black was the last old board removed and the new board walk could start getting put down

The bridge started to come together and look like a bridge again, saving wet feet all round (well except for Stuart but that’s a different story)

The final step of reconstruction was the laying of new chicken wire across the top to give muddy shoes a bit of traction on the new timber

A job well done thanks to Mark the Joiner, James the Water Assault Team, Stuart the Consultant and Lynsey the Minion, for making the trip out to the Bothy and replacing the Bridge over Capel Burn

If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the QRC-team

QRC Scribbler 05/03/2022


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