Five Go Urban Trail Running

On a glorious Wednesday evening, five of our members went down to Carlisle to participate in the SIA Carlisle Urban Trail 10k

Alex, Lewis, James, Linda and Lynsey ready to run

A fantastic route that has a mixture of terrains in that takes you up the walls of Carlisle Castle and round the banks for the river Eden, a cracking way to spend an evening (well some folks say its a mad mental way to spend it but we are inclined to disagree)

James Taylor, running good in green – although he says blue is more his colour
Powering through to the front of the field Alex Gonzales
Lewis Black, running fast and strong the flies didn’t have time to get out his way
Plodding along, Lynsey Hanlon
Linda Cameron, very strong running whilst still recovering from Manchester Marathon

Even with picking up an injury on the night James Taylor achieved a top 10 finish in his category and top 15 overall (the green top is not to blame), Alexandrea Gonzáles got a fantastic first in her category and top 5 finish in gender results with a gammy knee.

James Taylor40m 11s
Alexandrea Gonzales44m 38s
Lewis Black48m 05s
Wendy Gass52m 53s
Lynsey Hanlon54m 46s
Linda Cameron55m 40s

No write up would be complete without mentioning oor Wendy Gass, although not running with QRC on the night, achieved a great result in the SIA Carlisle Urban Trail 2022 (13/04/2022).

Wendy Gass, trying to sneak past the cameras

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