Spine Tingling Skiddaw

On Saturday 16th April 2022, the QRC Crew went on a wee excursion to the Lake District to take on Skiddaw but not by the conventional well walked tourist paths and on the descent took on the spine walk down Skiddaw.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off on a hill walk we go

Setting off early to beat the tourists, the QRC Crew headed along the Cumbrian Way to Skiddaw House where in the early morning light we got to enjoy some stunning views of the scenery

View along Cumbrian Way toward Whitewater Dash

Unfortunately on the way along the North Skiddaw Track from Sale How up to the summit of Skiddaw we were welcomed by what we Scots call a Haar, this did limit views from summit (ok there was no view) but it didn’t dampen our spirits

The views from the summit of Skiddaw are lovely (honestly)

After the elation of reaching the top and not getting blown off by the wind, the descent down the scree slope began and onto the Skiddaw spine ridge made up of Carl Side, Long Side and Ullock Pike, collectively referred to as Longside Edge

Skiddaw Spine Ridge – Longside Edge viewed from the bottom

Because we in QRC are Scottish and mental (quote courtesy Linda Cameron) we chose not to take the tourist path down the side of some of the technical sections of Longside Edge opting instead to climb down as recommended by Wainwright himself.

Members climbing down Longside Edge as recommended by Wainwright

Sure we did Wainwright proud with our efforts and some of our members were elated to reach the lower reaches of the descent where the Haar burnt off and the sun came out giving us stunning views across the lakes.

Members enjoying the views across Bassenthwaite Lake

No QRC outing is complete without the picnic at the end with the Cameron’s popup cafe coming out in force treating us to a selection of sweet treats and hot drinks

Members enjoying refreshments at the end

Fantastic day was had by all, well done everyone on completing the walk and I am sure others finishing at the same time as us will think we are an eating club with a running/walking problem, lovely treats provided as always.


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