SHR Queensberry Hill Race 2022

It was a fine late spring day in May 2022 (28/05/2022) R-Day (Race Day) for Queensberry Running Club.

After months of preparation and lots of stress & work it was time to put it all into action and let the runners out on course for the inaugural SHR Queensberry Hill Race a 8.5 mile loop round the Queensberry Hills (Queensberry, Penbreck and Earncraig) with 2200ft of climbing (approx.)

The runners stayed closely packed for the first section of the run along the track heading out to Queensberry but it wasn’t long until the deceptive hills on the track started to spread the pack out

With the runners out on the hills, the team at registration base camp settled in for the wait watching for the first sign of the race leaders coming over the horizon.

Meanwhile out on course the runners were getting to grips with the terrain and climbing a few hills, the once close pack slowly spreading out over the hills. The course marshalls could see across the hills and were playing spot the runners as they looked across from their stations, they were blessed with some stunning views as well.

Before the team at registration base camp could think about having a second cuppa and some more traybake the lead runners were spotted coming over the rise in the track and it was time for the time keeping team to go to work.

Thanks to Queensberry & Buccleuch Estates for giving us permission to host the hill race today and our generous sponsors Lowland Brewing and Tesco Lockerbie, for prizes and goodies.

Complete utmost & sincere heartfelt thanks to all the members of Queensberry Running Club who helped make the race happen from those who have spent days recceing the route to ensure we kept runners safe from hidden boulders & ditches and away from the ground nesting birds, to those who have donated generously to help with costs of putting on the event, everyone who came out today to help marshalling the course, time keeping, car parking, registration, sweeping and course marking on Friday. And of course those who ran the race today.

Huge thanks to Moffat Mountain Rescue Team for their presence today to ensure that if the worst did happen and we needed emergency first aid or to evacuate someone off the hill they were at hand.

Final thanks goes to all the runners and supporters who came out today and participated in hill race, which ultimately without you the race would not happen.

Thank you all for your feedback on the route and we will take note of it for next year, and if we are able to act upon it we will although some things are out of hands regarding the wishes of the estate.

Tremendous show of sportsmanship between the runners on the day Matthew Sullivan (2nd) congratulates race winner Luke Park

Results can be viewed here and they will be published on SHR ( ) in due course

Categories winners below

The pictures can be found on the below Facebook Group, like and tag away

They can also be found in the following Google Drive

Hope you all enjoyed today and see you next year. We have had 2 items left behind and if you can describe them we’ll get them back to you.

Many Thanks Again to everyone who has been involved in making this event happen.

Queensberry Running Club


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