Hartfell Horseshoeing

On a muggy, cloud covered Sunday Morning D’Artagnan and his three musketeers aka Alan Creighton, Linda Cameron, Wendy Gass and Lynsey Hanlon took on the challenge of SHR Hartfell Horseshoe hosted by HHRC.

Getting to the summit of Hartfell put the fantastic four under a bit of pressure with some asthmatic struggles putting worry to making a newly introduced cut-off but a good bit of team work and determination meant the four made it to the summit with time to spare

With the promise of only a couple more hills and no more cut-offs to worry about the fantastic four were able to relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the route – well as much as you can enjoy it.

Despite the weather and a newly introduced cut-off the QRC runners were able to grab a few prizes.


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