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Fabulous Philliphaugh

On a lovely Sunday morning runners from all parts came together at Selkirk Rugby ground for the running of the Philliphaugh Hill Race. In a field that had runners from numerous clubs the most prominent were the green tops of QRC.

Despite it’s relatively short distance the Philliphaugh is a deceptively tough but extraordinarily rewarding hill race and the weather blessed us with some stunning views

A fantastic set of results from the QRC Crew, great running everyone


Hartfell Horseshoeing

On a muggy, cloud covered Sunday Morning D’Artagnan and his three musketeers aka Alan Creighton, Linda Cameron, Wendy Gass and Lynsey Hanlon took on the challenge of SHR Hartfell Horseshoe hosted by HHRC.

Getting to the summit of Hartfell put the fantastic four under a bit of pressure with some asthmatic struggles putting worry to making a newly introduced cut-off but a good bit of team work and determination meant the four made it to the summit with time to spare

With the promise of only a couple more hills and no more cut-offs to worry about the fantastic four were able to relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the route – well as much as you can enjoy it.

Despite the weather and a newly introduced cut-off the QRC runners were able to grab a few prizes.

35th Moffat Gala Run

On a warm muggy Tuesday evening oor wee group of runners took on the 35th Moffat Gala run, a race of three parts the 3.7 mile uphill undulating part, the brutal 1 mile across fields part and the 4.5 miles downhill jelly leg creating part.

A fantastic showing by all our runners with James coming in 7th overall, Marie 2nd female home, Lynsey getting the accolade of 2nd local female finisher, Gordon 1st Local Vet male, Johnny 1st Local Supervet Male

Burning Up the Buckland Burn

On another lovely Saturday morning, runners descended upon Kirkcudbright for the annual running of the Buckland Burn-Up 5 mile road race. A tough wee race that has a hill that keeps on giving before a brilliant downhill finish

It was a very good turn out for QRC, and a good number of runners in the field. With James Taylor coming in 3rd overall with less the top 3 finishing within a minute. Marie Marshall a week removed from completing the WHW (who was taking it easy) finishing 11th overall and 1st VF40 and Liz Dawson pulled in the accolade of 1st VF60.

Hmm think Hoka’s are a popular choice in QRC

Fantastic running from everyone who took part with the bulk of the QRC runners finishing within 42 minutes. A fantastically well run wee event definitely one to look out for next year.

The QRC Girls sprinting for the line
James finishing strong, poor photographer didn’t even have time to get himself set properly
Finishing strong Johnny Minto
Liz crossing the line to finish first VF60
Alan Creighton putting in a great run finishing in under 45mins
Marie receiving VF40 1st place trophy

Special mention goes out to Conrad & Theo Black who took part in the Junior Burn-Up, great wee introduction to racing for the next generation of runners.

Tri-Tastic 10k

On Wednesday 1st June 2022 the QRC Crew headed across the border to Carlisle to participate in the Carlisle Tri-Club 10k, the start and finish is at Carlisle Racecourse. Fortunately it was the bar staff’s night off or these two wouldn’t have made it to the start line.

Linda & Lynsey forgetting they had a 10k to run before they could have a refreshing drink

The evening was nice one almost ideal for running with the exception of being a tad warm. The route is a lovely wee run round the picturesque Cumbrian Countryside. The course was described as undulating I think Linda had it right it was updulating with not much downdulating bits

Despite the heat it didn’t stop the Linda fighting on the finish line for bragging rights

A very good night of running from everyone with a fantastic times from all, James Taylor was the first QRC runner home in an astounding time achieving a sub 40m 10k, was unlucky to be pipped at the line but still finished with a smile on his face

Oor Wendy always smiling

SHR Queensberry Hill Race 2022

It was a fine late spring day in May 2022 (28/05/2022) R-Day (Race Day) for Queensberry Running Club.

After months of preparation and lots of stress & work it was time to put it all into action and let the runners out on course for the inaugural SHR Queensberry Hill Race a 8.5 mile loop round the Queensberry Hills (Queensberry, Penbreck and Earncraig) with 2200ft of climbing (approx.)

The runners stayed closely packed for the first section of the run along the track heading out to Queensberry but it wasn’t long until the deceptive hills on the track started to spread the pack out

With the runners out on the hills, the team at registration base camp settled in for the wait watching for the first sign of the race leaders coming over the horizon.

Meanwhile out on course the runners were getting to grips with the terrain and climbing a few hills, the once close pack slowly spreading out over the hills. The course marshalls could see across the hills and were playing spot the runners as they looked across from their stations, they were blessed with some stunning views as well.

Before the team at registration base camp could think about having a second cuppa and some more traybake the lead runners were spotted coming over the rise in the track and it was time for the time keeping team to go to work.

Thanks to Queensberry & Buccleuch Estates for giving us permission to host the hill race today and our generous sponsors Lowland Brewing and Tesco Lockerbie, for prizes and goodies.

Complete utmost & sincere heartfelt thanks to all the members of Queensberry Running Club who helped make the race happen from those who have spent days recceing the route to ensure we kept runners safe from hidden boulders & ditches and away from the ground nesting birds, to those who have donated generously to help with costs of putting on the event, everyone who came out today to help marshalling the course, time keeping, car parking, registration, sweeping and course marking on Friday. And of course those who ran the race today.

Huge thanks to Moffat Mountain Rescue Team for their presence today to ensure that if the worst did happen and we needed emergency first aid or to evacuate someone off the hill they were at hand.

Final thanks goes to all the runners and supporters who came out today and participated in hill race, which ultimately without you the race would not happen.

Thank you all for your feedback on the route and we will take note of it for next year, and if we are able to act upon it we will although some things are out of hands regarding the wishes of the estate.

Tremendous show of sportsmanship between the runners on the day Matthew Sullivan (2nd) congratulates race winner Luke Park

Results can be viewed here and they will be published on SHR ( ) in due course

Categories winners below

The pictures can be found on the below Facebook Group, like and tag away

They can also be found in the following Google Drive

Hope you all enjoyed today and see you next year. We have had 2 items left behind and if you can describe them we’ll get them back to you.

Many Thanks Again to everyone who has been involved in making this event happen.

Queensberry Running Club

Strolling Round Holywood Boulevard

Everybody’s a dreamer and everybody’s a winner
And everybody’s on the podium, it doesn’t matter who you are
There are starts in every run
In every route and on every street in every town
And if you stroll down Holywood Boulevard
Their names are written in tarmac

Team QRC ready to stroll round Holywood

On a perfect evening for running team QRC took on a wee Stroll round Holywood, a 5 mile “flat” course which seemed to involve climbing a couple of hills.

The route is a fantastic one and the times achieved were absolutely astounding, everyone should be very proud of their result.

Sure there are some bills from the council coming for scorching the tarmac to James Taylor and Marie Marshall

QRC Scribbler 10/05/2022

Trail Walking Across the AeShaig Ultra Route

As you may or may not be aware a few of our number are taking on the Great Glencoe Challenge 2022 (we might not have mentioned it 🤣)

To get ourselves fit and strong so we can complete the 26.2 miles in the 12 hours we are allotted, three of the team went for a wee dauner roon the Aeshaig Ultra 23 mile loop accompanied for a small section by Oscar ( and the legend that is Alan Creighton who cycled the full loop with us keeping us motivated to keep going (well apart from when Ali declared it was lunch time that is).

Oscar waiting impatiently to start

We started off at 7:30am on a cool April morning with the sole aim of completing the 23 mile loop, wrapped up we set off along the trail from Earshaig to Ae

Is it Winter or Spring best start with layers on then strip off
HiHo HiHo off on a trail walk we go

Before long it was time for Oscar to head home, although he was less than happy about it, think he was hoping for a backie on Alan’s bike so he could come along for the full trek.

Oor wee companion for the first hour of the walk

As the time passed from early morning to mid-morning it started to heat up, so the layers started to come off the sun cream and sun shades started to go on 😎

Suns oot taps aff, sunnies oan

To help combat the heat, proper hydration was required so plenty of water and raspberry gin was required to keep fuelling and cooling our intrepid trekkers

Lunch Gin Time

After some light refreshment and a bite of lunch it was back on trails, blessed with some stunning views across from Ae to Queensberry, we trekked on with time flying by talking about everything from escapee pigs to programs on TV and all sorts of other random nonsense

Alan, Ali and Debs soaking in the view
Team rotation prove we were all there; Alan, Lynsey and Debs

It wasn’t long until we came across the Ae: The Talking Head Stane. The head stane is made from a glacial granite boulder. It’s 1.5 tons and looks south towards Ae village and the Solway. The stane has a carved mouth, ears and eyes and is inscribed with the translation of a Norwegian poem.
(Information courtesy :

Ae: Talking Head Stone

The stane is inscribed with the translation of a Norwegian poem, Deep in the Forest, by Hans Børli.

“But still it satisfies my soul to hear the spruce and wind. They speak together like sister and brother, and use such beautiful wind-wild words deep in the forest, deep in the forest.”

After a brief stop for pictures at the Head Stane, it was time to get back on the trek for the return leg back to Earshaig, on the return leg we were blessed with some stunning views across to Queensberry

Queensberry viewed from the forest trail

On the return leg you can see Blue Cairn from the forestry trail, after a brief investigation no inscription was found on the cairn, so ye olde google was called upon to shed some light on it’s presence.

It is built on the site of Battle between Wallace and Greystock and where the latter fell. Wallace was encamped on Queensberry, saw the English approach, and hastening to attack them, had met them on the spot where the cairn is built; a bloody battle ensued in which the English were beaten.

Blue Cairn, a hidden gem in the forest

With Blue Cairn serving as a marker we only had a few miles back to the trail head, a brief refuel and shoe swap and back on the trek we went.

Ali, Debs and Lynsey still smiling at the end.

23 miles in less than 8 hours is a respectable time for the trek, a good bit of training for the big on in July.

Well done Alison Voss, Debbie Semple and Lynsey Hanlon, thanks to Alan Creighton for coming along with us to offer support and advice.

Spine Tingling Skiddaw

On Saturday 16th April 2022, the QRC Crew went on a wee excursion to the Lake District to take on Skiddaw but not by the conventional well walked tourist paths and on the descent took on the spine walk down Skiddaw.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off on a hill walk we go

Setting off early to beat the tourists, the QRC Crew headed along the Cumbrian Way to Skiddaw House where in the early morning light we got to enjoy some stunning views of the scenery

View along Cumbrian Way toward Whitewater Dash

Unfortunately on the way along the North Skiddaw Track from Sale How up to the summit of Skiddaw we were welcomed by what we Scots call a Haar, this did limit views from summit (ok there was no view) but it didn’t dampen our spirits

The views from the summit of Skiddaw are lovely (honestly)

After the elation of reaching the top and not getting blown off by the wind, the descent down the scree slope began and onto the Skiddaw spine ridge made up of Carl Side, Long Side and Ullock Pike, collectively referred to as Longside Edge

Skiddaw Spine Ridge – Longside Edge viewed from the bottom

Because we in QRC are Scottish and mental (quote courtesy Linda Cameron) we chose not to take the tourist path down the side of some of the technical sections of Longside Edge opting instead to climb down as recommended by Wainwright himself.

Members climbing down Longside Edge as recommended by Wainwright

Sure we did Wainwright proud with our efforts and some of our members were elated to reach the lower reaches of the descent where the Haar burnt off and the sun came out giving us stunning views across the lakes.

Members enjoying the views across Bassenthwaite Lake

No QRC outing is complete without the picnic at the end with the Cameron’s popup cafe coming out in force treating us to a selection of sweet treats and hot drinks

Members enjoying refreshments at the end

Fantastic day was had by all, well done everyone on completing the walk and I am sure others finishing at the same time as us will think we are an eating club with a running/walking problem, lovely treats provided as always.

Five Go Urban Trail Running

On a glorious Wednesday evening, five of our members went down to Carlisle to participate in the SIA Carlisle Urban Trail 10k

Alex, Lewis, James, Linda and Lynsey ready to run

A fantastic route that has a mixture of terrains in that takes you up the walls of Carlisle Castle and round the banks for the river Eden, a cracking way to spend an evening (well some folks say its a mad mental way to spend it but we are inclined to disagree)

James Taylor, running good in green – although he says blue is more his colour
Powering through to the front of the field Alex Gonzales
Lewis Black, running fast and strong the flies didn’t have time to get out his way
Plodding along, Lynsey Hanlon
Linda Cameron, very strong running whilst still recovering from Manchester Marathon

Even with picking up an injury on the night James Taylor achieved a top 10 finish in his category and top 15 overall (the green top is not to blame), Alexandrea Gonzáles got a fantastic first in her category and top 5 finish in gender results with a gammy knee.

James Taylor40m 11s
Alexandrea Gonzales44m 38s
Lewis Black48m 05s
Wendy Gass52m 53s
Lynsey Hanlon54m 46s
Linda Cameron55m 40s

No write up would be complete without mentioning oor Wendy Gass, although not running with QRC on the night, achieved a great result in the SIA Carlisle Urban Trail 2022 (13/04/2022).

Wendy Gass, trying to sneak past the cameras