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Five Go Urban Trail Running

On a glorious Wednesday evening, five of our members went down to Carlisle to participate in the SIA Carlisle Urban Trail 10k

Alex, Lewis, James, Linda and Lynsey ready to run

A fantastic route that has a mixture of terrains in that takes you up the walls of Carlisle Castle and round the banks for the river Eden, a cracking way to spend an evening (well some folks say its a mad mental way to spend it but we are inclined to disagree)

James Taylor, running good in green – although he says blue is more his colour
Powering through to the front of the field Alex Gonzales
Lewis Black, running fast and strong the flies didn’t have time to get out his way
Plodding along, Lynsey Hanlon
Linda Cameron, very strong running whilst still recovering from Manchester Marathon

Even with picking up an injury on the night James Taylor achieved a top 10 finish in his category and top 15 overall (the green top is not to blame), Alexandrea Gonzáles got a fantastic first in her category and top 5 finish in gender results with a gammy knee.

James Taylor40m 11s
Alexandrea Gonzales44m 38s
Lewis Black48m 05s
Wendy Gass52m 53s
Lynsey Hanlon54m 46s
Linda Cameron55m 40s

No write up would be complete without mentioning oor Wendy Gass, although not running with QRC on the night, achieved a great result in the SIA Carlisle Urban Trail 2022 (13/04/2022).

Wendy Gass, trying to sneak past the cameras

Marathon Marvels

The 2022 Therme Manchester Marathon took place on Sunday 3rd April, and a few of our members had a wee dauner roon the course.

Our Marathon Marvels were Gordon Vivers, Elaine Kennedy-Walton, Liz Dawson and Linda Cameron fantastic running from everyone in the field but we are super proud to have had a good showing from QRC in the field.

Linda Cameron, Liz Dawson and Elaine Kennedy-Walton had fantastic runs and all achieved PBs, Gordon was struggling with the onset COVID (although he didn’t know it at the time) but still managed a superb time

Elaine Kennedy-Walton3h 21m 55s
Gordon Vivers3h 47m 39s
Liz Dawson4h 14m 01s
Linda Cameron4h 50m 30s

Well done our Manchester Marathon Marvels

Dumfries and Galloway Area Hill Running Championship in 2022

We have received notification from Adam Anderson & Kevin Plummer regarding the Dumfries and Galloway Area Hill Running Championship, which they are jointly running & administrating.

Dumfries and Galloway Area Hill Running Championship in 2022.

This Championship is open to everyone, trophies will be awarded for 1st place male and female in the following classes, Senior, V40 and V50. Recognition of winners in the V55, V60, V65, V70 V75 and V80 Classes will also be given.

The criteria for 2022 is that the best four results from the following 6 D&G Hill races will count in the championship.

Screel Hill Race.

Criffel Hill Race.

Durisdeer Hill Race.

Hartfell Horseshoe Hill Race.

The Devil’s Beeftub Hill Race.

Merrick Hill Race.

The standings in the competition will be found in the link below shortly after each race.

There are currently no dates in the SHR calendar for Screel (which has recently been cancelled) and Criffel, waiting to hear when they will be held.

QRC Summer Schedule 2022

Well folks the time has come to unveil the QRC Summer Schedule 2022, with COVID restrictions currently eased there are more organised races available some of these are midweek & some are at weekends. We have included a selection of these in our schedule along side our own runs, any weekend an organised race is on we will suggest a route of our for folks wanting to run but not race.

Alongside the races and QRC runs we have included a few organised group walks up some beautiful hills & routes. The obvious jewel in the crown is the SHR Queensberry Hill Race we are hosting. We hope there is something in there for everyone, remember folks keep the running shoes active through the summer and you might find your name engraved on a trophy 😉

This schedule is subject to change as we don’t know what curve balls COVID and the weather has to throw at us.

It does look a bit busy and massive but we are not expecting you to do everything on there and as more events get announced things might change and other items might get included & some might get taken out.

Bridge over the Capel Burn

In the Spring 2022 a crack construction unit headed out on a march to Burleywhag Bothy set in the shadow of Earcraig Hill, their mission to replace the Bridge over Capel Burn. 

Armed with nothing more than some hammers and their wits & a helpful dose of good humour, deconstruction began.

With the old bridge putting up a fierce resistance (not least the chicken wire helpfully put under the board walk), it eventually began to yield and the battle was starting to be won

Slowly under the expert consultancy and guidance of Stuart Black was the last old board removed and the new board walk could start getting put down

The bridge started to come together and look like a bridge again, saving wet feet all round (well except for Stuart but that’s a different story)

The final step of reconstruction was the laying of new chicken wire across the top to give muddy shoes a bit of traction on the new timber

A job well done thanks to Mark the Joiner, James the Water Assault Team, Stuart the Consultant and Lynsey the Minion, for making the trip out to the Bothy and replacing the Bridge over Capel Burn

If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the QRC-team

QRC Scribbler 05/03/2022

xBorder 10k, Sunday 6th February 2022

QRC Runners getting ready to brave the elements in xBorder 10K 2022

Ran under less than ideal conditions a brave bunch of runners from QRC took on the xBorder 10k 2022 running this year from Gretna to Carlisle, with some challenging conditions with a full spectrum of fine winter weather (cold, wind, rain, sleety snow and the sun even made a token appearance).

With a field of approximately 600 runners, the QRC crew had a challenge in finding space on the roads to Carlisle to settle into their own rhythms and run their own race, the weather proved its own challenges with the wind swirling about bringing in squalls of sleety/snow and a perpetual cold that sapped energy and seeped into the bones.

All being said and done a very good showing from all the QRC runners with Marie Marshall (the bionic woman) impervious to the weather achieving the accolade of first female finisher in an absolutely stonking time of 38m 27s.

xBorder 10K 2022 QRC results

DRC Cross Country 29/01/2022

Team QRC all set for XC

On a blustery Saturday afternoon (29/01/2022) a special team of runners nutters from QRC took part in the Dumfries Running Club (DRC) Cross Country run down at Kingholm, Dumfries. The course was a deceptively tough little 6.4K that was (un)fortunately not muddy but the wind posing it’s own challenges, with all completing the race successfully.

Marie Marshall came in as second female with a time of 24m 48s and good 2 minutes clear of her third placed rival. Alexandrea Gonzales started strong and was unlucky to miss out on a top 3 finish, but a good solid 4th a minute in front of the 5th placed runner. With Wendy and Lynsey pleased to finish in the times they did.

The men’s field was even more formidable than the ladies, with the first placed male finishing with a time of 19m 50s with only 3 minutes separating first place to 5th, the QRC boys had a tough race with two very strong performances from Gordon Vivers and Stuart Black.

Thanks to Dumfries Running Club for hosting a fantastic wee race a nice one to start off the New Year of racing, Team QRC Results Below

Marie Marshall24m 48s
Gordon Vivers26m 35s
Alexandrea Gonzales28m 01s
Stuart Black29m 48s
Lynsey Hanlon31m 56s
Wendy Gass34m 30s

xBorder 10k 2022

Just a quick heads up folks, entry is open for the xBorder 10k and there are still places available.

We have included this event in our Winter Schedule, I am assured it’s a fantastic run and well worth signing up for and running in.

A few of us have already signed up be good to have a few more running in QRC colours.

This is the website for Queensberry Running Club, a small club based between Lockerbie & Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. Born out of lockdown due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic a small group of people used to going to gym & fitness classes came up with the idea of meeting up in legally permitted groups for runs in July 2020 whilst the local fitness facilities & gyms were still closed.

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